The purpose of Animal Career Academy's first three core classes is to educate dog lovers, both certificate seeking students and those simply interested in learning more about their favorite pet. Everyone who attends these courses will come away with a much deeper understanding of dogs and how we can better relate to them.


Dogs & the Human Bond – 40 hours

Cost:$295 plus textbooks

To effectively work with dogs, one must understand the evolution of canines and the history of basic breed types including how contemporary dogs act like their ancestors. You will learn the most common breeds' genetic, physical, and behavioral characteristics. In order to experience the unique characteristics of each dog type, you will observe and interact with a large variety of breeds on a daycare play lot and will learn about careers working with dogs.



Understanding Dog Behavior: Theirs, Ours and How they Interact – 40 hours

Cost:$295 plus textbooks

This course discusses canine behavior and human-dog interactions. You will learn a dog’s learning and thinking process, causes for aggression and behavior modification from a dog’s point of view.  By properly observing, assessing behavior and having a clear understanding of canine behavior, students will be able to modify a dog’s natural behavior to adjust to human culture. Students will get a chance to work with dogs and teach them basic obedience behaviors such as self-control & attention, sit and coming when called.


Basic Health & Wellness for Canines - 40 hours

Cost:$295 plus textbooks

The focus of this course is basic health and wellness including fundamentals of good nutrition, dental, and coat & skin care; you will learn the most basic anatomy and physiology of dogs while gaining knowledge about required vaccinations, titers, first aid, and the most common diseases, parasites, and injuries for dogs. The course is designed to teach you how to optimally care for any healthy dog as well as handling a sick or injured dog.


Business Practices - 40 hours

Cost:$295 plus textbooks

Good basic business practices are necessary for the success of any enterprise and any employee. Course content includes: interpersonal communication, client communication on the telephone and face-to-face, handling stress, problem solving, teamwork, recordkeeping, care of the facility. You will have an opportunity to work in a team environment and with the public.