The following classes in addition to the Core Curriculum are required to receive a certificate from ACA for each of the respective grooming careers.


Grooming Assistant Program – 400 hours

Cost: $8000 plus textbooks, supplies and tools

Theory:           120 hrs

Hands-on:      280 hrs

This course provides training for you to work in the grooming and pet care industry as a Groomer’s Assistant.  A great deal of emphasis and time is centered on correct bathing; drying and brushing techniques for all coat types as well as correct handling of different dog behaviors. You will learn finishing and basic scissoring techniques for all coat types not requiring a full cut and style.

- Properly bathe, dry, brush and comb all coat types.

- Evaluate the basic health of dogs and identify possible issues.

- Use products, tools and techniques to optimize skin and coat health.

- Understand basic dog behavior and handling techniques including reactive, fearful and anxious dogs.

- Students will use appropriate cleaning and disinfecting protocols.

- Understand basic dog anatomy and appropriate manipulation techniques.

- Use thinning and blending shears as well as basic clipping skills.

Professional Groomer Program – 400 hours

Cost: $8000 plus supplies and tools

Theory:           100 hrs

Hands-on:      300 hrs

This course in addition to the Grooming Assistant Program provides training so you can work in the grooming and pet care industry as an advanced Pet Stylist.  You will learn advanced clipper techniques including skimming, sculpting, detailed edging, advanced stripping with an emphasis on practical hands-on practice.