About Animal Career Academy


Animal Career Academy gives animal lovers the unique opportunity to enhance the lives of dogs through a better understanding of each animal and a standard of high quality care.

At ACA students can enjoy access every day to over 125 dogs that use our sister facility DoGone Fun! You may have the opportunity to work hands-on with dogs in the daycare, kennel, grooming salon or spa, and training areas.

Such access makes us a top choice among dog training and dog grooming schools. Hiring managers – for jobs working with animals – seek both education and experience in their fields. We very effectively integrate the two – so much that graduates from other dog training schools, dog grooming schools, and other kennel facilities enroll in our programs to gain the additional experience they need.

At ACA you can focus on more than one program at a time if you wish. It is common for students studying professional dog training to also take pet massage classes or basic grooming classes. Visit courses to see the classes we offer.

We have a very low student to faculty ratio of 4:1 in our vocational classes, so you’ll receive a lot of attention from instructors and time with dogs!

Our core curriculum trains every student about dog behaviors, communication, and wellness as well as the ancestries of different breeds.

Regardless of whether you want to become a dog trainer, a dog groomer, a pet massage therapist or be involved in any type of work with dogs, you’ll be far more effective in providing optimal animal care with this knowledge.

We are conveniently located in Chicago’s South Loop, which also happens to be home to the largest person to dog ratio in the country! There is easy access from CTA’s Red Line and the State Street bus.

At ACA we nurture an environment where every person and animal is treated with respect. You will find the atmosphere alive with joy, passion, and sensitivity to companion animals – feelings shared mutually by fellow students and our entire ACA faculty.

If you are truly ready to pursue a career with dogs or take a class to be a better dog owner, give us a call today at 312-564-5101.



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