Frequently Asked Questions About Relocating Across the Country for a Job

It can be an exciting journey to relocate for a new career, but there are several options to contemplate before accepting the final job offer. The following are common questions to consider when moving across the country for your new job.

Is the company reputable and stable?

It is critically important to research the company before relocation. There are online resources that allow you to view company ratings and finances. It will not be beneficial to uproot your life for a company that is not performing well.


What will the cost of living be like in your new area?

You will want to weigh options for renting versus purchasing a new property. Check local taxes of the new area to compare with where you are currently. Have a clear understanding of what your new wages will be. Compare this with the cost of living to see if it will be worth the move.

Is there a relocation or benefits package available?

Many job offers that require relocation provide some sort of relocation package. This helps to offset costs of moving to a new area. It is best to be sure you are satisfied with the relocation offer to prevent being stuck with unwanted expenses.

Moving expenses are the primary relocation expenses that are covered when moving across the country. These expenses can include:

  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Gas and mileage expenses
  • Temporary housing
  • Moving vans/moving companies
  • Airfare
  • Vehicle shipping

Cheap Movers Chicago –, a cross-country moving company based out of Illinois, recommends getting quotes from moving companies before speaking to your boss. Coming up with a list of expenses that have been well-researched can go a long way towards negotiating a solid relocation package.

Will this be the best decision for the family?

Relocating across the country is a major move that will take a toll on you and your family. Explain to your new employer why the move will need to be suited to meet the needs of your family. Factors to consider are caring for minor children or older relatives. Child care and healthcare are major expenses for many families. Research area schools to find the best fit for your children. Some families have pets as well. Check to be sure that your new living space will allow for pets.


What is the best way to become acclimated to the new area?

It can be daunting when moving to a new area. Ask for guidance from your new employer. Find resources on entertainment options and social venues. Partner with your future coworkers to get advice on if they made similar moves as yours. Take time to get acclimated to your area. Nothing happens overnight.

What about compensation and miscellaneous expenses?

The amount of money you will be earning is the biggest factor in making the final move. Discuss compensation with your employer as soon as they begin asking you about making the move across the country. You will also want to account for unforeseen expenses that could arise. Check for any available stipends to cover these expenses.

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